About the owner

Hi, I'm Barbara & am the owner of BARKEN CRAFTS. I've been crafting for more than 30 years, I live in Massachusetts & love making & creating things. I have been making soap for the past several years and perfected a recipe that I not only love but is actually effective, gentle, beneficial to skin and has many benefits due to the natural raw honey I use. Last year I launched my pet soap line which includes baby shampoo scent and unscented, each with a paw print embed made from soap inside the bar. I'm also passionate about the blankets I make and sell which I first started making many years ago. Not just an ordinary warm comfy blanket but blankets that have a pocket sewn onto them so they can transform into a pillow when not in use, my blankets come in two sizes large and xtra large and are available in many colors and patterns. All of my soaps and blankets can be purchased from my etsy store: BARKENCRAFTS as well as craft kits for fun projects. Feel free to ask me any questions and I appreciate your business!

Barbara Peters